MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

In Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” he confronts the
criticisms he has received for advocating civil rights through nonviolent
noncompliance. He writes that his motive of noncompliance is to open the door
to negotiations that can lead to racial equality. King open disobedience and
willingness to accept the consequences puts him in a moral standing that
expresses a high respect for laws. He cites Saint Augustine’s statement that,
“An unjust law is no law at all,” and that laws that are out of harmony with
natural law and moral codes are impious and demand restructuring.
In addition to his commentary on unjust laws and the motives of noncompliance,
he writes that his group of civil rights activist are acting in accordance with
Aristotle’s theory of moderation, because their actions lie in between the
hatred of black nationalists and the complacency of those African Americans who
have been so drained by discrimination they have adjusted to segregation. King
also mentions the inaction of white moderates and how their inaction is more
immoral than the violent displays of the Ku-Klux-Klan and other white
supremacist groups, because they see the immorality of segregation but refuse
to help alleviate its injustices; he writes that “shallow understanding from
people of good is more frustrating that absolute misunderstanding from people
of ill will.” It is evident that Dr. King took influence from a wide scope of philosophical thinkers

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Uhhh Radio Show Cassette Special

121209-190710The cassette special on last night’s “Uhhh Radio Show” was a tremendous success. It was full of bubbly tapes, finky heads and an over all ode to one of the most unreliable forms of recorded music. Tapes were played slow, fast and every intermediate in between. If you missed the show you can listen to the archive here So tune in and kick back with the tape hiss. Below is a playlist for last night’s show


black lips take my   heart
thee oh sees corrupt coffin
            subhumans  killing
recide  headache
 the animals san fransican nights
mickey and sylvia  love is strange
john wesley coleman  spot long
dan deacon  lots
 laurence welk  bubbles in the wine
them baby please don’t go
barett strong money
marvin gaye got to give it up
duke ellington don’t get around much anymore
big daddy kane young black and gifted
prince darling nikki
tupac i get around (instrumental)
john gielgud shakespeare sonnets X 10
gang starr robin hood theory
            semaforo your favorite song
notorious B.I.G. kick in the door
guys and ghouls mary the mutant
digital leather thrill is gone
william barney a little learning
apache tomcat jay r.
religious girls O.G./dead dog
            japanther yellow lighter
neil young on the losing end
the band the night they drove old dixey down
texas tornadoes hey baby que paso
statler brothers flowers on the wall
some iranian singer some song
robert johnson they’re red hot
bob marley small axe
peter tosh legalize it
steely dan only a fool would say that
isley brothers i guess i’ll always love you
the ronettes my little baby
the clash gates of the west
tears for fears pale shelter
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Lars von Tier’s “Europa” Review

Lars von Trier’s “Europa” is a visually stunning film filled with intentional contradictions that reinforce the protagonist’s, Leopold Kessler, ambiguity as an American participating in Germany’s restoration after World War II. Trier’s use of high contrasting shadows and black and white film draws influence from film noir, but is contrasted with color footage to emphasis various characters’ emotional states. The omnipresent narration which begins the film blurs the line between the audience and the protagonist as the hypnotic voice addresses “you” while he narrates the protagonist’s actions. Trier’s deliberate elusiveness catapults the narrative as the audience becomes transfixed on the mesmerizing visuals created by Von Trier’s use of forward and back projection to further emphasize Leopold’s
limbo. It is, however, not just the diegetic world of the movie which is indicative of a pending state. “Europa”, itself, is a complex mixture of genres and influences that further propel its abstract theme.

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Digital Tigers

“The Life of PI” is an incredible film that recounts and young man’s trial and tribulations as he is stranded on a life boat at with a full grown bangle tiger. The plot is heartfelt, however, it is the groundbreaking use of computer animation which created the tiger, Richard Parker, which pulls in the audience into the world of the movie and puts them in a suspension of disbelief. The image that is projected on the screen is a culmination of thousands of man hours from people all over the world that worked diligently on every hair shown on the tiger to create a sense of realism. All of their effort paid off too because when I first saw the trailer for the movie I was under the impression that it was in fact a real tiger that was trained and filmed next to the actors. I even remember whispering to my girlfriend who was sitting next to me, “I feel sorry for that actor who has to fear being eaten by a tiger everyday he goes to work.” The technology utilized by cinema has come a long way from forward and back projection techniques and has continually been bringing movie goers a more realistic experience.

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On Writing Every Day

writing[1]It is important to write every day because it helps one hone in on their strengths and also identify their weaknesses. Writing every day also helps one realize overused expressions or phrasing within their writing. Once someone is aware of the personalized clichés they have created they can work around their repeated phrases to make their writing more interesting and diverse. Another reason writing every day is important is because it kind of forces people to look for subjects outside their normal topics and exposes them to new ideas they might of otherwise not have written about.

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David Sedaris

32138[1]One of my favorite writers is undoubtedly David Sedaris. Fis frank ability to dissect his character flaws and obsessive nature is refreshing in its honesty. Sedaris writes with a very conversational tone that put his voice directly in his writing and since I am an audio centric person I find this to be very entertaining. When I first listened to some of David’s recordings I was shocked at how similar his voice actually was to the one I imagined.

Another reason I enjoy Sedaris’ work so much is that his books are a collection of short stories. I am someone who often gets distracted while reading novels and usually never ends up finishing them, so needless to say I am attracted to collections short stories over full length novels.

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A Memorable Night With Daniel Johnston

1af92df2[1]My most memorable entertainment moment would be the Daniel Johnston concert I saw at the Cactus Café when I was in middle school. This experience has left an incredible impression on my life because of the intimacy Johnston’s performance. The room was dim except for the sudden flashes of peoples’ cameras as they desperately tried to document Daniel’s performance, but no photographer or audio recorder could have fully captured the emotionally stirring performance Daniel gave that night.

The entire audience hung on to every word as he recounted his tragic tales of love and woe, he even described a brutal dream he had the previous night in which he was sentence to death for attempting suicide. He chuckled at his remarks, but the rest of us were unsure of how to respond and the entire audience was silence by his frank display of his wavering emotional stability.

Johnston’s performance was brilliant was he traded between fingering clumpy chords on his nylon string guitar and expertly playing piano. isHis dfdafasfafsfsfsadadadaddadadHis set was full of expected gems like “True Love Will Find You In The End” and “Grievances” but his straightforward performance of “Now” off of his “Love Your Enemies, Fear Yourself” album sent tears streaming down my middle school face as he reassured me that love is indeed the greatest healer and that everyone has love in their lives.

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